Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Updating Eli's wardrobe.

Slowly over the last few months I have been updating Eli's wardrobe ready for the colder months. He has several pieces from Next and Zara coming for his birthday which is just a few days away but I thought I'd share with you some extra bits and bargains I have been accumulating. 

Lets start with Ebay bargains.....This Next jumper only cost me £3 on Ebay and is perfect for Winter and these converse only cost me £2.50!! It aways pays to buy second had If you can hunt down items in great condition you can save yourself a lot of money.

I've been looking for some winter boots for Eli especially for wet weather and found this fantastic pair in Asda for only £10. 

Lastly I had a couple of Autumn/Winter bow ties made by the lovely Charming Arthur....I love the denim monogrammed one so much, he will definitely be wearing it on his third birthday.    

Thank you for reading.


Pick Your Own Pumpkin.

Every year I have taken Eli to Beluncle Farm Kent to pick our own pumpkins, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful place just a few minutes down the road. We don our wellies and old clothes as it seems to always be traditionally very wet and muddy....but thats just half of the fun. Eli loved jumping in puddles and squelching in the mud and pointing out all the different varieties of pumpkin often remarking 'Oh wow mum look at all the colours!'. He picked out a few pumpkins which I have to say are so much cheeper then the supermarket and is great way of showing children where food actually comes from. In total we chose 7 pumpkins to display on our dining table and eventually carve or eat which only cost £6, what a bargain for an excellent autumnal adventure.  

Thank you for reading! 


LouLouLoves Is Back - Snippets Of My New Abode Part 1.

Hello and apologies for the ridiculously long post title! As you know I have been moving home, and for those of you who have been there done that then you will know it is stressful as hell!! Not only was this your usual stressful move with two children, we ended up homeless for over a week after the sale of our flat had gone through but our new house wasn't quite finished! Long story short our in-laws put all of us up for a week and the dog went on a mini holiday to live with my parents.

So right now we are finally in our new house, we have been in for just over a week and we are already quite settled although there is still lots of work to be done. Anyway I am back to hopefully my usual blog updates of my usual one post a day I have missed it like crazy and will be kicking things off with a few snippets of my new house. Please bare in mind that parts of my house still are no were near finished but here is what the down stairs looks like so far:

I love everything about our down stairs space, Its beautifully light an airy and is a perfect mixture between modern scandi style with more of a traditional farm house feel in some areas. I love how introducing shades of green and grey really give this space a really serene atmosphere. Its lovely to have a large porch space where we keep all the families shoes in this shoe cabinet which can you believe I picked up with the matching mirror for only £20 for the two!? It always pays to keep your eye on local selling pages I have picked up many a bargain on there. 

You may be able to spot a couple of iconic well known Ikea staples in my living room, the biggest one being the huge Lappland TV stand/storage unit this is great as the boxes which fit in the cubes are perfect for disguising an abundance of kid toys so your living space doesn't have to look like a toy shop 24/7 and an easily transform back into an adult space once the children are asleep and the toys have been tidied away. The other Ikea buy were these monochrome cushions that every blogger seems to have....but now I understand why! Not only do they give a little something something to the sofa but they are the most squishy and comfortable cushion ever!

All my other cushions were great Asda purchases and i really love how the mixture of patterns and textures give a lovely homely feel. Oh and I cannot forget the lamp which has been one of my favourite purchases as it only cost me £7 second hand and adds a slightly retro/industrial look to the room.  

Our Karlstad Ikea sofa we already owned and I still love it as much as I did 3 years ago, especially as its neutral colour goes with absolutely everything and a few cushions is all thats needed to spruce it up. I also already owned this beautiful rocking chair which is my most prized possession and I am thrilled that I finally have the room to incorporate it into my living space. Our new house has the most beautiful real wood floors throughout the downstairs but to protect it from dropped toys and the dogs claws we bought several rugs. The triangle print rug comes from Achica....a website that is well worth keeping an eye on for stylish homeware bargains....and the other rug is from Ikea, they both again add texture and give a warm homely feel.    

Personal nick nacks again turn a house in a home and are vital for making the space your own especially when you have just moved into a new house. I have a ton of photographs of the children displayed ontop of our TV storage unit in beautiful white rocco frames from Wilkinsons, some motivational plaques and my collection of tea caddies on display. I also have this lovely house storage box from Next which is really great for storing keys, spare change and other vital things you do not want to lose, this heart shaped set of coaster is also from Next. 

The kitchen is definitely the heart of my home and is by far my favourite room in the house. My shabby chic dining table is stunning and again was a great second hand purchase but I will do another post on that at a later date as covering it right now is a PVC table cloth from next which is ideal as my children are the messiest eaters!! Recently we went to pick your own pumpkin at a local farm so on our table is our little autumnal display ready for carving and eating. My kitchen although not completely finished is beautiful and my Next ceramic tea pot kettle has been put to full use already! 

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for lots of new posts coming your way! 


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Home Move Snippets.

This move has pretty much been a year in the making, the house became vacant we made our interest known and that was the start of a long process. We knew it was going to be long for a start the house needed completely renovated which we knew would take time, we also knew that selling our shared ownership property could also take a fair amount of time.

We are now just days away from leaving our first ever home together as a family which is pretty sad but the space just does not work for us anymore.....we need much much more space! We need a garden of our own and the boys need an area that is safe and near loved ones. 

We went to check our how the house was coming along and even though its not finished just yet I already know its going to be beautiful and it already feel like ours. Here are a few snippets of the most finished room which is our beautiful new bathroom. 

I also thought I would update you on a few little homeware bargains, like a beautiful new lamp I managed to pick up second hand for only £7, some new sofa cushions from Asda to spruce up the living  room and some DIY frames for Eli's room made from free printables and wallpaper samples.  

Stay tuned for more house tours and homeware updates.....there will be plenty in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for sticking with me during this period of sparse posting.


Bathroom Accessories Wish List.

We move house in just a few days and our new house is only just coming together, the first room to be pretty much finished is the bathroom. It has a beautiful bowl sink on granite worktop dark wood cabinets a large bath with sleek looking white tiles, it has got me thinking how am I going to accessorise such a gorgeous space! 

I have decided to go for a grey and dark wood theme with copper accents and here are just a few products I am lusting after....some of which I might have already purchased. We are going to make do with what what have right away but slowly will replace our old bathroom accessories with some of these new items, the tree shower curtain and copper wire storage basket I have just ordered from H&M to start the theme off. The shower curtain we really needed to get and I fell in love with the landscape image of tree's in the snow it looks so perfect for Autumn/Winter. The wire basket is going to sit next to the sink to store all our most used toiletries, I love the contrast between the dark wood and the shiny copper metal. 

Other lovely items from H&M include this copper tray which again I think would look beautiful with bottles of perfume and candles displayed on top, and also this wooden box will also be handy for extra storage. Speaking of H&M they also do some great patterned towels and bath mats in particular this geo print grey bath mat really caught my eye. 

This stunning mirrored copper and glass trinket box from Oliver Bonas is perfect to house delicate jewellery and I am totally obsessed with terrariums at the moment I think this one from Urban Outfitters would make a lovely unusual feature in a bathroom. 

Lastly a storage solution that is very on trend are these ladder shelves, not only do they not take up much space they are perfect for storing folded towels, this one is from Ikea. Lastly another ikea find a dark wood mirror which has a rather large ledge frame....its always handy to have an extra shelf!

Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Our Living Room In Products.

Like I've said previously when you have two energetic toddlers causing all sorts of chaos channelling a sense of calm in your living space is essential. Nothing says serenity like shades of muted green, blue and grey mixed with modern patterns and retro shapes which has become the theme for our downstairs living space. We recently did a huge Ikea haul for the new house picking out several bits of new furniture and many soft furnishing, so I thought I'd share with you in a mood board kind of way how our living space is coming together. Above are all the items we have bought so far, new T.V unit combined with storage was essential and the Ikea Lappland and Drona boxes were just perfect. The Drona boxes are perfect for storing the children's toys out of sight so come night time our house doesn't look like a toyshop. A thick pile fluffy rug in a neutral colour and a large clock is what we also bought from Ikea, the clock is so perfect and I love the roman numerals. I bought a mixture of new cushions from Ikea, Asda and Zulily and I love how all the patterns and colours work together making our very simple Karlstad Ikea sofa look a lot more interesting. Lastly I had on order this beautifully retro green topped side table from Next, again tying in with all the green accents I really love the shape of this table  and its going to look lovely next to our sofa.        

There are still a few things that are on my to buy list which you can see above and I'm sure I will eventually get around to buying these finishing touches once we are moved in. Firstly a second rug for the giving room to protect the wooden floors from toys and the dogs claws, this one from Achica is amazing value for money in fact I think I am going to order it tonight before it sells out! The green herringbone throw is from the National Trusts online shop and will come in handy in the winter to snuggle up on the sofa with. The beautiful arch mirror is massive and is from The Range and so is the retro lamp, In fact The Range do the best selection of mirrors I have ever seen!! I love the retro look telephones and this little reproduction number is from Next....I mean how often do you find a phone that matches your colour scheme so perfectly. Lastly I am loving the copper trend that I have seen in a lot of homeware departments and I think these copper wire storage baskets from H&M would make a great place to store a few of the children's books, newspapers or even letters and post.

So what do you think of my living space mood board scheme?

Thank you for reading!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sunday Family Funday! (a little delayed I know!)

Im sorry if my posts seem few and far between right now and I know this post is extremely late but I am only just over one week away from a huge house move and things are tres chaotic right now. Not only am I now doing school runs taking Eli to preschool but every single waking moment is spent organising packing and selling all our worldly belongings. As well as this the boys both had a brief bug which caused almost a week of sleepless nights which hasn't helped matters but we are so close now I am super excited. 

This haphazard posting period will probably last not only up to our move next Sunday but for a few weeks after as well whilst we get settled but I promise you lots of new exciting content once I return full time including decorating, home wear hauls, room tours and not forgetting Eli's 3rd birthday which is not too far away either! So please bare with me, anyone who has done it knows how stressful and chaotic moving house is and that doubles when you also have two children! 

Despite how crazy life is right now we are still trying to get some autumnal walks in to appreciate this beautiful change in season so Sunday we donned our coats took a short stroll to the park and along the river front. The weather is beautiful right now, the perfect mix of autumn chill and late summer sunshine the leaves are changing colour and dropping...its my favourite time of year. Eli enjoyed jumping in the piles of crispy leaves under the trees and collected fallen conkers which we used to help Eli practice his counting skills. Here are a few pictures from our walk:

Thank you for reading.